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On the 3-D Imax of my MIND...

That's poetic...that's pathetic...

I put the FUN in FUNERAL
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My name is Alyssa Hathaway. I'm eighteen years old and freshly graduated from a Catholic High School (BCHS). I was born and raised in Southeast Massachusetts. My father owns a local chain of funeral homes, something that most people I meet can find pretty unsettling. My parents were happily married until my sophomore year of high school - my dad moved out of the house right before Christmas. I live with my mum and two brothers, spending every Thursday night and every other weekend with my dad. My family can be pretty crazy, but I love them. Usually.
In September I'm starting the local community college as a freshman. Next year I'm hoping to transfer out of that hell hole and go to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to study film, specifically editing. My best friend, Erin, is like a sister to me and she is in the Marines. She left for bootcamp in September and I really miss her. At least I have my boyfriend, Jordan. He and I have been together for 8 months now.
Most people call me Table, so you're free to do the same. I enjoy filming and editing my own footage, watching crime shows and the sci-fi channel, writing, rping, and theatre.

I've been involved in:
The Blizard of Oz 2002 - Christmas Caroler / Ice Fairy Dancer
Ducktails and Bobbysocks 2004 - Babs / Head of Hair and Makeup
The Odd Couple 2005 - Set Painting
Peter Pan 2006 - Liza / an Indian / Set Painting / Indian Face-Painting
Macbeth 2006 - Mimi (Messenger) / Head of Drug Effects / Special Effects
Little Shop Of Horrors 2006-2007 - Film Editor / Video Camera Operator
Romeo and Juliet 2007 - Capulet Servant / Second Watchman / Hair and Makeup
An Ideal Husband 2007 - Lady Markby / Head of Hair and Makeup
Damn Yankees! 2008 - Sister / Head of Hair and Makeup
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 2008 - Sandra / Head of Hair and Makeup
Rumors 2008 - Head of Hair and Makeup
Musical of Musicals: The Musical 2008-2009 - Head of Hair and Makeup
Blood Brothers 2009 - Head of Hair and Makeup

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Scene (Intro Theatre and Film) 2006 - Buffy / Storyboard Artist
Kramer vs. Kramer Scene (Intro Theatre and Film) 2006 - Script Supervisor
Spy vs. Spy (Advanced Theatre & Film Silent Film) 2006-2007 - Editor / Runner / Casting Director
Rape of the Lock (Advanced Theatre & Film Silent Film) 2006-2007 - Warbrobe Supervisor / Continuity
10 Things I Hate About You, American Psycho, & War of the Worlds Scenes (Intro Theatre & Film) 2007 - Editor
Kat Und Maus (Advanced Theatre & Film Final Film) 2007 - Editor / Writer / Casting Director
Little Shop of Horrors DVD (Video of Performance) 2007-2008 - Editor
And Ideal Husband DVD (Video of Performance) 2007 - Editor
The Departed Scene (Honors Film and Video Production) 2007 - Assistant Director / Script Supervisor
Vaughan (BCHS Film Co. Feature Film) 2007-2008 - Concept Artist / Extra / Notebook Artist / Assistant Director for a day
Brothers & Sisters Scene (Honors Film and Video Production) 2008 - Kitty
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Scene (Honors Film and Video Production) 2008 - Director / Editor
Audition Piece (Honors Film and Video Production) 2008 - Jane
The Lingering Hour (Honors Film and Video Production Final Film) 2008 - Jean / Editor

Many thanks to __sugarkisses__ for my Oz/Willow mood theme!

My other journals:
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strutsandfrets - Theatre stories and tips


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